Relatively Speaking Podcast: Josh Gordon, things on our mind, Mars

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast is here to take you to the deepest parts of space. No. For real. Jared has a plan to join Elon Musk, and take us to Mars. As for Joseph, he just wants to know if he were to go there to be one of the first people to live on the planet, if he can then say “I am the best sportswriter on the planet.”

Anyway, Josh Gordon has entered rehab. While the timing of it, especially considering he is soon to come off suspension, is less than ideal, both of the hosts agree that it is far more important for Gordon to get mentally and physically healthy than it is to catch a football for an awful football team.

NFL picks are back again this week. Joseph and Jared are 9-3 each — which means, basically, you are rich if you listen to them speak on a sport they barely know… We are kidding obviously, as Joseph might as well be the offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders.

This week’s games:

Bills at Patriots
Browns at Redskins
Titans at Texans
Seahawks at Jets
Chiefs at Steelers

That Don’t Look Good returns this week. Obviously, it means something in the world of sports isn’t looking so swell from an optics standpoint. Listen to find out what it is this week.

Jared also educates us on his ineptness as a human. He can’t feed himself when his fiance is outside the house. Not because he is incapable of cooking, but he needs to be told what to eat.

Other sports stuff inside, too.

Relatively Speaking Podcast: Josh Gordon, things on our mind, Mars

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