Relatively Speaking Podcast: Heavy issues and bad jokes

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The weekend is near. Luckily for you, friend, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is here to help you reach it by way of super heavy societal issues… and bad jokes.

After starting the show discussing Jared’s brother potentially dying at the heads of famed serial killer, Matt Frank, the guys quickly jump into fan-favorite segment That Don’t Look Good — which is a three topic discussion this week.

What doesn’t look good this week? Well, we are glad you asked:

  • Josh Brown, the New York Giants, and the incredible hoopla surrounding a rather disposable kicker.
  • The finality of the Derrick Rose saga, which culminated with a judge and jury deciding to pander to a superstar athlete.
  • Rick Pitino, Louisville, and the NCAA — all of which our Joseph Nardone has hot-takes on.

Don’t worry, the Relatively Speaking Podcast isn’t all about the seriousness nature of the world. We also help make you money!

Week 7 NFL Picks:

  • Colts at Titans
  • Ravens at Jets
  • Patriots at Steelers
  • Seahawks at Cardinals
  • Texans at Broncos

After a rather wild start to the show, both Jared and Joseph somehow bounce back to break some news (for real).

Returning to finish the show, making its second ever appearance in the pod, is a totally brand new, reinventing the wheel segment — which is totally NOT Absurd Questions in a different form — Ask Me Anything.

Three or more questions were asked. Three or more questions were answered. You’re welcome in advance, humans.

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You can do the same with the other guy who is far less talented on the show @JosephNardone.

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