Relatively Speaking Podcast: Goodbye Kevin Garnett, hello NFL talk

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast continues to make you guys money each and every week the two hosts pick NFL games for you. So, before we go any deeper, you are welcome, our assumed to be loyal readership.

In this week’s edition of the Relatively Speaking Podcast, the guys cry a little bit as the end of an era has come in the NBA. The world’s youngest old man who tells little kids to get off his lawn, Kevin Garnett, is hanging it up after being bought out by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sad face emoji.

Did you guys know the North Carolina Tar Heels went away? Because Joseph and Jared didn’t. In fan favorite segment That Don’t Look Good, the duo ponders why the question asking if UNC is back needed to be asked… for what it is worth, it didn’t.

As for making you humans money, our Week 3 picks:

  • Texans at Patriots
  • Lions at Packers
  • Chargers at Colts
  • Broncos at Bengals
  • Steelers at Eagles

For this week’s segment of “What’s On Our Mind,” Jared discusses being a bad child, but doing something nice for his mother. Joseph, on the other hand, has multiple axes to grind with good old Santa Claus. He is calling him out for his supposed chimney tactics and stealing all the glory on Christmas morning.

Don’t worry, other sports stuff is discussed as well.

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