Relatively Speaking Podcast: Draft is boring, wrestling spin-off movies and stuff

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast (still not cancelled) is back to help a planet come to grips with the cold reality that is life after the NFL Draft.

To put it bluntly: Jared and Joseph both think the NFL Draft was boring. Especially when you one considers the fact that there is no immediate “winning” of it. Honestly, how many years does one have to wait until we actually know who won the draft with their selections?

Bad Tweets gets put in a smokey situation this week. After Jared gets called out for once tweeting that a certain NBA superstar flops, the guys discuss the craziness that was the gas mask bong hit heard around the world. Moreover, how absurd it was that the blame was shifted to the victim in this instance instead of those attempting to extort the player.

NBA Playoffs get discussed. Jared wonders if it has been as boring the NFL Draft. He also discusses why he thinks the San Antonio Spurs are as good, if not better, than the Golden State Warriors.

Luke Walton is the new Los Angeles Lakers coach! The boys discuss him in those terms. Or, really, the fact that he has a little know, but incredibly weird tattoo on his bicep. Truly insightful information.

The show closes with Absurd Questions. Joseph wants to know what Jared would do with a time machine, and Jared wants to know what wrestling character Joseph would like to see in a televised spin-off. It is as not-normal as you expect.

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