Relatively Speaking Podcast: Derrick Rose and Joe Paterno

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast is changing a little bit. No, your disgustingly handsome heroes are still the hosts, but the producers of the show felt it was to change the feel of the Friday show to make it feel different than the one recorded on Monday.

The result? Two brand new segments that will be exclusive to every Friday edition of the Relatively Speaking Podcast! You are welcome in advance.

To start the show off to highlight this, after a quick discussion about college football, Jared and Joseph introduce a segment called That Don’t Look Good.

In the first ever That Don’t Look Good, Derrick Rose’s situation is discussed at length. Accused of participating in a gang-rape, the story has been around for several months, but it has fallen on mostly deaf ears. Well, that was until yesterday when more information came to light.

Also in that segment, the two not-so-politely ask what in the hell Penn State is doing with Joe Paterno.

Another new segment debuted on this episode. It is called Things That Are On Our Mind. You’ll be shocked to find out that the segment involves Jared and Joseph discussing random things that are on their mind.

Jared’s is about his fantasy football team. Joseph pretends to be interested.

Joseph’s is about his daughter’s bus stop being poorly ran, and he essentially calls out a seven-year-old.

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Relatively Speaking Podcast: Derrick Rose and Joe Paterno

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