Relatively Speaking Podcast: Conference Finals, T-Mac and athlete fisticuffs

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast remains yet to be canceled. Well, at least for now. So, ugh, listen to this show so we don’t get canned.

This is not only good news for your ears, but even better for the insights that are about to be gently dropped on the insides of your cranium.

With both Conference Finals set, Jared and Joseph weakly attempt to conjure some interest in the Cleveland Cavaliers participating in a figurative battle with the Toronto Raptors. Are the guys actually excited or do they feel as if the series is over before it ever really began?

The good news is that the Western Conference Finals should be a good one. Joseph compares his levels of excitement to the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors match-up to… well, simply listen to him use some horrible analogies.

Fan favorite segment Bad Tweets returns. Is Tracy McGrady out of his mind? Also, why the hate for Katie Nolan? She’s the best, in our not at all humble opinions.

Also in today’s podcast: Jared attempts to retire Tim Duncan, the guys fight over Larry Bird in a new segment, and Joseph wants to save the city of Wilkes-Barre by being an owner of a NBA team — or something, but it gets weird and depressing.

You can follow Jared on the cold, mean, and dark streets of Twitter @JMintzHoops.

If you feel left out of having cool and hip conversations regarding the once promising career of WWF superstar Marty Jannetty, follow Joseph on Twitter @JosephNardone.

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