Relatively Speaking Podcast: Carmelo Anthony is mad, NFL picks, last food on Earth

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast is here to help you navigate what is hopefully the last day of your treacherous workweek. With all things being equal, even if you have to take the dangerous voyage to your place of employment throughout the weekend, we are still here to brighten your day.

Carmelo Anthony is mad at SLAM for picking him as the 15th best player in the NBA. For some context, that is higher than most reputable outlets have him pegged at, and SLAM is much more a pop-culture magazine than it is one that often dabbles in NBA analysis.

Jared and Joseph discuss Melo’s anger. Jared thinks it is a bit misplaced, and Joseph believes that the New York Knicks forward can be slotted pretty much anywhere between 12-20… depending on if he’s had enough coffee on the day asked.

Is the Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook mostly made up beef great for the NBA? Of course it is.

That Don’t Look Good returns to discuss the NFL’s ratings. Joseph and Jared aren’t buying a particular narrative many seem to be pushing as of late. Listen to find out what it is!

NFL picks are here to help you save your marriage by way of winning all sorts of crazy loot.

Week 6 Picks:
49ers at Bills
Panthers at Saints
Steelers at Dolphins
Falcons at Seahawks
Cowboys at Packers

For what it is worth, both guys are well above the .500 mark on the season.

Finally, a brand new segment on the Relatively Speaking Podcast. It is, uh, not really inventing the wheel, though. It’s the Relatively Speaking Podcast’s AMA… which is code for: Let’s do Absurd Questions, but crowdsource from our listeners instead of doing it ourselves.

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