Relatively Speaking Pod: Buddy Hield’s real name, Coach K shenanigans and more

March 26, 2016 - Anaheim, CA, USA - Oklahoma guard Buddy Hield lets out a yell after cutting a string off the basket. The Oklahoma Sooners won the NCAA West Regional Championship over Oregon on Saturday. (Photo by Paul Rodriguez/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)
(Paul Rodriguez/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)

The Relatively Speaking Podcast is riddled with a disease. It is down with the sickness. Jared and Joseph have both been diagnosed as having, and are willfully consuming, March Madness.

Final Four topics take a backseat to start the show, however. Jared has some Batman vs Superman hot-takes (no spoilers). Oddly, it all leads into some Kevin Smith love — because of course it does.

When the Relatively Speaking Podcast actually gets to the NCAA Tournament, Joseph is puzzled by Syracuse being in the Final Four, Jared thinks Coach K can do 27 push-ups, and both agree that Buddy Hield is doing himself a disservice by not using his real first name, Chavano.

Bad Tweets highlights how crazy people get with players’ draft stocks during the NCAA Tournament. Is four games really enough to make a non-lottery level player a top-five pick?

Jared’s cat becomes the first guest on the Relatively Speaking Podcast, too.

After Joseph wrote about the entire Coach K and Dillon Brooks fiasco, the two discuss it in terms of how big of a deal it is or isn’t. Naturally, Adam Morrison is mentioned during the discussion.

LeBron James going all ‘sub-tweet guy’ is also discussed. As is his thoughts on wanting to play with his best friends before he retires from the game of shooty hoops.

Absurd Questions is as absurd a segment as it has ever been. Without spoiling it: Joseph thinks the Easter Bunny is a dignified and chivalrous British rabbit.

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