Relatively Speaking: Joe Girardi is mean, Olympic Melo, more

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi (28) during the seventh inning of the Major League Baseball game between the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH. New York defeated Cleveland 11-7. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)
(Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is gone. A career once spoken about in terms relative to the all-time greats was quietly put to pasture due to New York manager Joe Girardi falling on a sword for his employers. Luckily for you baseball crazed nuts, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is here to answer the most important question in the history of MLB questions: Is Girardi a jerk?

Then it is off to Rio, as the guys speak on the Olympic Games. Jared wants so desperately to know if Team USA is a stinker as some have suggested. Joseph, on the other hand, goes on a random tangent about Australia going on a building process to be the second best international team at the NEXT Olympic games.

Bad Tweets returns in all its glory. Both tweets involve Carmelo Anthony. While the guys agree on most stuff as far as Melo is concerned, things get heated when Jared uses money to say he prioritized winning less than a LeBron James. Joseph took umbrage with the comment, and the two co-hosts attempted to punch each other through their respective laptops.

Is it more impressive to be the world’s fastest man on fastest swimmer? Joseph makes the argument for the former using a probably not popular reason as to why.

Absurd Questions: One is Donald Duck related (and comes with a warning about NOT Googling a certain Donald Duck phrase). The other is about something, but the person writing this can never remember what Jared asks. We are sure it was awesome, though.

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