Relatively Speaking: Gronk, NBA Trades, Duke, Feast, and More

Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

Relatively Speaking is back for a third episode. Still not cancelled, Jared and Joseph took the weekend to consume enormously absurd amounts of sports.

Episode three starts off with the Rob Gronkowski cruise. The fun and the absurd — and some on the weird case of Gronk being that rare athlete that is allowed to be a public party-goer.

The movie Feast also makes a cameo for some reason. As does Jared making the case for Duke being a sleeper in March and Joseph’s belief that the Los Angeles Clippers might technically be better, but still don’t matter.

Staying on the Clippers, Joseph wonders if he’d be as cool with Jared punching him in the face as the equipment staff member was with Blake Griffin.

Bad Tweets makes its triumphant return. Jared ponders the Michael Jordan tweets in terms of today’s top stars. Joseph wants to discuss college basketball, but is sick and tired of ambassadors of the sport saying it is a better product than the NBA.

Absurd Questions focuses on the TV show The Sopranos, but Teddy Ruxpin makes an appearance because of course that sweet talking stuffed animal does.


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