Redskins strength coach Deuce Gruden wins weightlifting title

John Kirkpatrick/Actionplus/Icon Sportswire

Jon Gruden took a trip to Belarus to see his oldest son compete in a weightlifting competition, and it turns out the trip was well worth it.

Jon David Gruden II, a.k.a. Deuce Gruden, won the junior 183-pound weight class’ championship in the International Powerlifting Federation Classic on Monday in Minsk, the eastern European nation’s capital city. Despite being just 23, Deuce Gruden works as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Jay Gruden-led Washington Redskins.

The strongest of the Grudens was seeded second in his weight division and entered the competition with staggering bench press, squat and dead lift maxes — the three lifts this tournament uses as strength measuring tools. Deuce Gruden trekked to Minsk, along with his parents, having completed a 440-pound bench press, 662-pound squat repetition and a 666-pound dead lift.

According to the Los Angeles Times, officials affiliated with this power-lifting tournament came to the Redskins’ facility to perform a drug test on Gruden two weeks ago. Jay Gruden hired his nephew before last season, and the Redskins allowed the young staffer time to compete at the national tournament last fall.

“I mean, I lifted. I took pride in trying to be as strong as I could. I never got anywhere in the same ZIP code as this guy,” Gruden told the newspaper of his 5-foot-5 son. “His mother is a physical-fitness freak. Weightlifting to Deuce is like football to me.

” … I don’t believe he’s ever had a French fry or ever drank a Coke. It’s got nothing to do with me or nothing to do with his mom. He’s got no fat. I bet if they did a body fat on him, it would be negative.”

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