Red Sox fined for use of Apple Watch in dugout

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

The Boston Red Sox have been fined an undisclosed amount of money for violating baseball’s policy against the use of electronics in a dugout after the New York Yankees filed a claim several weeks ago, and the fine will filter directly to aid hurricane relief. Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the news on Friday (per Jared Diamond of The Wall Street Journal).

A statement from Manfred:

“In assessing the significance of this violation, the investigation established three relevant points. First, the violation in question occurred without the knowledge of ownership or front-office personnel. Second, when the Red Sox learned of the Yankees’ complaint, they immediately halted the conduct in question and then cooperated completely in my investigation. I have received absolute assurances from the Red Sox that there will be no future violations of this type. Third, our investigation revealed the Clubs have employed various strategies to decode signs that do not violate our rules. The Red Sox’ strategy violated our rules because of the use of an electronic device.”

The Yankees aren’t off the hook, however.

The Red Sox brought forward allegations claiming that the Yankees had made improper use of YES Network in an attempt to decipher Boston’s signs. Manfred found the Yankees violated a rule prior to this season due to the use of a dugout phone which was used improperly.

The commissioner announced that on New York’s side, the club would be fined a lesser undisclosed amount which, like the Red Sox’, would be sent to aid hurricane relief efforts in Florida.

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