Ravens WR Mike Wallace says he’ll be the new Steve Smith

Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

Former Ravens WR Steve Smith was undoubtedly a leader, but he retired from the NFL. Wideout Mike Wallace recently talked about stepping into that void, and Jeff Zrebiec of The Baltimore Sun reported that he said:

“I just have to curse a couple more people out, choke a couple more people out. I was telling Bobby last meeting that I’ve got to come back in with a different attitude and I’ve got to start pushing people around a little bit more, because Steve isn’t going to be here and somebody has to do it. So, I’m going to take over that role. Breshad [Perriman], if he gets out of line, I’m going to smack him up a little bit. Anybody, no matter who it is. So, I’ve got to take on the Steve role.”

He does say “anybody,” but it’s also interesting that he called Perriman out by name. The Ravens took Perriman in the first round back in 2015, hoping he could become an elite wideout. Injuries ruined his 2015 season and he didn’t even play until 2016. He scored three times and came in one yard shy of 500 over the course of the season.

In short, Perriman has been a disappointment so far, and the Ravens would love to see him finally emerge in 2017. If Wallace is able to help make that happen, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. It’s hard to know if he’ll actually be able to replace the type of fiery leadership that Smith brought, though, as not too many players can fill those shoes.

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