Ravens will be Careful with Free Agents

After all the backlash that Ray Rice caused the Baltimore Ravens this season, the team will be more careful with who they sign than ever.

Rice, who was suspended and later released for a domestic violence encounter with his then-fiance, will set the example for what Baltimore can’t afford, as General Manager Ozzie Newsome turns his focus to character in free agency and the draft.

“Someone who has domestic abuse in their background, it’s going to be tough for them to be considered a Raven,” Newsome said.

Rice has taken necessary actions to try restoring his personal life and career. Only time will tell whether he will get another chance in the NFL, but Newsome expressed positive thoughts for Rice and his future.

Holding no ill-will, Newsome said of Rice: “If he gets an opportunity to play with another club, I would be happy for him.”


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