Prosecution Rests Case Against Aaron Hernandez

More than two months and over 100 witnesses later, the prosecution’s case against former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been rested.

Hernandez is accused of murdering Odin Lloyd on June 17, 2013. Hernandez plead not guilty.

Lloyd, the boyfriend to Hernandez’s fiancee’s sister, was found dead less than a mile away from Hernandez’s home.

The prosecution has attempted to pin Hernandez with the victim earlier in the evening, as well as pinning Hernandez at the crime scene. Surveillance video from Hernandez’s home showed Hernandez allegedly carrying in a gun–similar to the one the prosecution says was used in the murder–after the time of the murder. There is also video of his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, carrying a large box out of the house that is suspected to contain the murder weapon that hasn’t been found.

The defense is building a case around reasonable doubt. The defense reportedly plans to be finished with calling witnesses to the stand after just one day. Can it be proven that Hernandez pulled the trigger or had motive to even kill Lloyd?

It might not matter.

Joint Venture is a law in Massachuesetts that doesn’t require the proof that Hernandez pulled the trigger.

“The Commonwealth does not require proof that the defendant himself performed an act that caused Odin Lloyd’s death to establish that the defendant is guilty of murder,” Judge Garsh said during opening statements. “The Commonwealth requires two things: First the defendant knowingly participated in the commission of this crime, and second, he did so with the intent required to commit the crime.”

It’ll be up to the defense to prove otherwise. Then it’ll be up to the 12 jurors from there.

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