Trust The Podcast Episode 17: What no Curry would mean for the Warriors

In an impromptu episode of “Trust the Podcast,” Trenton gets Jeff to pause his celebrating over the impending arrivals of Carson Wentz and Dario Saric to Philly to discuss Steph Curry’s knee injury and do a quick rundown of the various playoff series.

When it comes to Curry and the Warriors, topics covered include:

-Could the Warriors beat the Clippers without Curry for the entire series?

-Even if he’s active for a series against the Spurs, how much does a compromised Steph tilt the odds away from Golden State?

-Speaking of the Spurs, could the Warriors be staring into the face of what San Antonio faced in 2000 with Tim Duncan?

Trenton also gives a reminder that while Golden State is seen a new age franchise with injury prevention and tracking fatigue, they’ve actually been a bit daring with bringing their stars back into games.

As for the rest of the league, Jeff and Trenton chat about:

-The tough spot Toronto is in regardless of how far they advance in the playoffs. They have a lottery pick coming their way in the draft thanks to the Knicks, but a rookie doesn’t match the timetables of Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Dwane Casey.

-Comparing Isaiah Thomas not getting suspended with whether Kevin Durant will avoid a suspension as well.

-Miami fulfilling their potential despite losing Chris Bosh and becoming an actual threat to the Cavaliers in the East.

-How some people are hypocrites when mocking Stanley Johnson’s trash talk of LeBron James.



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