On the latest episode of the Stokke On Podcast, Tommy Stokke and Jon Heyman discuss hot topics from Jon’s latest notes column, which was released on Thursday here.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were the main point of the column, specifically their run to first place in the National League West. But will the trade of Clayton Kershaw’s personal catcher A.J. Ellis impact the cohesiveness of the club?

What does the trade of a strong clubhouse presence in Ellis mean for the chances that Yasiel Puig is welcomed back onto the team this year? Can they keep him in the minors if Josh Reddick continues to struggle?

Jon then provides more information on Kershaw, and whether it’s likely or not that he’ll even pitch this season.

The Dodgers’ first game without Ellis didn’t go so well with San Francisco Giants starter Matt Moore coming within one out of a no hitter. But did Bruce Bochy leave him in too long?

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Atlanta Braves played a four hour and 45 minute game this week, which isn’t exactly what Rob Manfred is looking for in terms of pace of play. What realistic options are there to speeding up the game? Pitch clocks, pitching changes and shifts are discussed, as well as the idea of a 154-game season.

A quick look around the horn includes topics such as:

  • Theo Epstein and why he hasn’t signed an extension yet
  • Which Phillies great is most likely to play next season: Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino or Jimmy Rollins
  • The Dodgers’ No. 1 offseason priority
  • Jonathan Papelbon and his 2016 future
  • Handicapping the AL East race
  • What are the Twins looking for in a president/GM
  • Will the D-backs look to hit the reset button and get out from under Zack Greinke’s contract?
  • Most importantly, Jon provides insider information on how to order at Arby’s
Stokke On Podcast Episode 2 with Jon Heyman

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