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Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA preseason, NFL picks, Odell Beckham hot-takes

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast is back to help you ease into your weekend. Luckily for those who like the shooty-hoops, Jared and Joseph now have the ability to talk — wait for it — preseason NBA!

What are the guys’ biggest takes from the preseason so far? Joseph loves himself some Domantas Sabonis, Jared thinks the New York Knicks (still very much) stink, and the duo agree that the Golden State Warriors do indeed look like all that and a bag of chips.

The NFL also gets discussed this week. What is going on with the San Francisco 49ers? Jared and Joseph have theories!

Fan-favorite segment, That Don’t Look Good, returns this week to discuss all the Odell Beckham Jr. hot-takes. Basically, it is apparently OK to play with a lot of emotion and fire… unless you play the receiver position.

Week five NFL picks:

  • Patriots at Browns
  • Texans at Vikings
  • Eagles at Lions
  • Falcons at Broncos
  • Giants at Packers

Things On Our Mind isn’t a jokey segment this week. Jared and Joseph would simply like to offer their thoughts to the people who are dealing with the hurricane this weekend.

Also, Jared has finally started to watch Stranger Things. He agreed with Joseph on all his comparisons to the Goonies and old Stephen King mini-series he has been making over the last month or two. Exciting stuff, to be honest.

You can follow Jared on the mean streets of Twitter @JMintzHoops.

You can do the same with your good old pal Joey @JosephNardone.

Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA preseason, NFL picks, Odell Beckham hot-takes

Relatively Speaking Podcast

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