DSTG 50: We’re sorry we can’t carry a tune

On the latest episode of Don’t Snow the Goalie, Kate Cimini, Kate Reeher and Erik Wollschlager discuss the recent developments in the Shannon Szabados saga, including the highly unusual comments made by Jean-Guy Trudeau Thursday, several days after the news broke that she was no longer rostered with the team.

Cimini, Reeher and Wollschlager also welcome CWHL Boston Blades general manager Krista Patronick to the fold in order to, in no particular order: discuss the Blades’ home opener, celebrate her birthday and discuss the trials and tribulations of being a general manager of a team on the rebuild.

About the podcast:

Don’t Snow the Goalie is a women’s hockey podcast that believes in the radical idea of treating women’s sports like sports, not a special interest story. Kate Cimini, Hannah Bevis and Kate Reeher focus on happenings in both the National Women’s Hockey League and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League every week, with occasional dips into IIHF and Olympic hockey, as well as NCAA news. If it’s women’s hockey, they’re there. Bevis, Cimini and Reeher bring you the latest news and analysis in the NWHL and CWHL, including front-office moves, league happenings, game analysis, player stats, coaching decisions and more.

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