The How ‘Bout Them Podcast: Episode 15

Today on the How ‘Bout Them Podcast, we took advantage of the bye week, as did the Dallas Cowboys! They took advantage by getting healthier, (which we will examine in Check With Me’s), and we took advantage by taking inventory of the rest of the NFC East. Join us!

“The How Bout Them Podcast” is a Dallas Cowboys centric show that will air twice a week during the regular season, and once a week in the offseason. The show will have a heavy focus on X’s & O’s, reviewing front office strategies, and examinations of weekly match-ups. This is a football podcast that will do its best to be about football, instead of just all the things that surround football. This podcast aims to help the listener become a more knowledgeable football fan, as well as a more informed Dallas Cowboys fan.

Landon McCool is a blogger/podcaster/commentator who has a passion for the Dallas Cowboys and Pro Football. He loves learning more about strategies, schemes, and concepts involved in football when he has free time. His work can also be seen on the SB Nation site “Blogging The Boys” and he is (too) frequently found on twitter using the handle @McCoolBTB

The How Bout Them Podcast with Landon McCool

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