Platini loses bid to have FIFA suspension lifted

European soccer boss Michel Platini has lost his appeal of a 90-day suspension levied against him by FIFA, the world governing body.

The appeal was denied by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Platini and FIFA president Sepp Blatter were suspended in October while an internal investigation was made into a $2.1 million payment made in 2011 to Platini and approved by Blatter. Both men claim that the money was owed to the former French playing legend for work that he did as an advisor to Blatter between 1998-2002, but have not be able to produce a contract to that effect.

The payment was made in February of 2011, while Platini planned to run against Blatter in that year’s FIFA presidential elections. He later withdrew. Blatter won re-election in 2011 and again in 2015, but will step down in February as a result of numerous scandals. Neither man has been arrested in the Swiss/U.S. joint criminal investigation into FIFA, but both are considered subjects of the investigation.

Platini was scheduled to take part in Saturday’s draw for the 2016 European Cup of Nations, which will be held in his home country of France, but losing his appeal means he will not be allowed to attend. He and Blatter are expected to receive their final punishments on Dec. 21. The investigators in charge of the case have recommended life bans for both men.

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