Patriots Talk Balls Balls and More Balls

Brady must have said "Balls" 300 times this afternoon.

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The word of the day in Foxboro and across the NFL? Balls.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick added next to nothing during his morning press conference in which he discussed his role or lack thereof in Deflate Gate.

We almost got Belichick to say, "Ask Brady how he handles his balls."

We almost got Belichick to say, “Ask Brady how he handles his balls.”

Later on in the afternoon, quarterback Tom Brady addressed the media and also provided very little insight into how or why the footballs became deflated.

What was striking was the fact that Brady has not yet been contacted by the NFL in regards to the league’s investigation of deflated balls during the first half of the AFC Championship. Brady also stated he can’t tell the difference between an under-inflated football and an over-inflated one. Shortly after that, the Patriots QB said he prefers the balls to be inflated to the minimum level of 12.5.

Curious to say the least.

Social media will run with this and we’re going to hear much more about how Brady and other QBs like the feel of their balls…

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