Ottawa Senators Owner Needs Liver Transplant, Public Donor Sought

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is in “urgent need” of a liver transplant and the team is asking the public for help.

“Mr. Melnyk’s family has actively reached out to his close friends and broader family with the hope of identifying someone who could be a ‘live liver donor,'” the team said in a statement. “This process involves the removal of a portion of the living donor’s liver so it can be transplanted into the recipient patient.

“The Melnyk family’s efforts have yielded a number of potential donor candidates who have been extensively tested. These efforts continue in earnest but have so far not yielded a suitable donor.”

While the first route would typically be to find a deceased donor, that is not an option in this instance.

Any healthy adult between 18-55 may be eligible to donate.

Melnyk was admitted to the hospital about three weeks ago with “liver-related complications” and it was determined he needed a transplant. The 55-year-old has been dealing with health issues for about four months, causing him to miss much of his team’s postseason run.

This is just the latest of what has been an awful few months for the Senators. Assistant coach Mark Reeds passed away last month after a battle with cancer, while general manager Bryan Murray is currently fighting colon cancer.

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