Orioles Announce RP O’Day Signing

Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire

The deal has been discussed for more than a week at this point, but it wasn’t until today that the Baltimore Orioles announced that they have re-signed submarine relief pitcher Darren O’Day.

Reports came out earlier this month that O’Day was due to re-sign with the team — reports that were thrown into question when O’Day sent out the following tweet:

It appears that, while O’Day had agreed in principal to the contract at the time of the tweet, he had not yet undergone his physical, which O’Day safely considered a crucial part of the process. Two years ago at this time, the Orioles faced extreme scrutiny for claiming that relief pitcher Grant Balfour failed his physical after agreeing in principal to a deal. Balfour appeared in 65 games the following season for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Since first joining the Orioles in 2012, O’Day has risen from journeyman to one of the game’s premiere relievers. In each of his four seasons in Baltimore, O’Day has pitched more than 60 innings and allowed an ERA of better than 2.30, including an ERA under 2.00 in each of the last two seasons. Between his tenure with the Orioles, and the Texas Rangers before that, O’Day has appeared in three of the last six postseasons.

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