Odell Beckham Jr: NFL Players Should Be Paid More

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. believes NFL players should make more money because of the violence of the game. While the rookie sensation turned Madden NFL 16 cover boy complaining about money may come off as arrogant to some, he gave The Huffington Post a few reasons for his stance.

“I understand that basketball plays 80-something games, baseball plays this many games, soccer plays that many games, but this is a sport that’s most-watched in America. A sport where there’s more injuries. There’s more collisions.

“It’s not even a full-contact sport, I would call it a full-collision sport. You have people running who can run 20 miles per hour and they’re running downhill to hit you, and you’re running 18 miles per hour. That’s a car wreck.

“It’s just the careers are shorter. There’s injuries that you have after you leave the game, brain injuries, whatever it is, nerve injuries. And it’s just something that I feel as if there’s no way someone who — even if they did their three or four years in the league — should have to worry about money for the rest of their lives.”

The NFL’s average salary in 2013 was $2 million, according to Forbes. That is less than the average salaries in the NHL ($2.58 million), MLB ($3.82 million) and NBA ($4.9 million). However, the NFL employs significantly more players than either of the other three leagues. A typical main roster in the NFL has 53 players. MLB teams have 25 players on the main roster, while NHL teams have 23. NBA teams can have as many as 15 contracts.

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