Nolito joining Sevilla for 8 million euro transfer fee

Alan Martin/Actionplus/Icon Sportswire

Manchester City wing Nolito just wrapped up a disappointing year in the Premier League, falling short of expectations for the English side with just six goals and a lost starting guarantee over the second half of the year.

As a result, he’s returning to La Liga, heading for Sevilla for a fairly modest 8 million euro transfer fee in what’s expected to be a massive loss for City financially.

The move comes shortly after Sevilla lost Vitolo to Atletico Madrid, in a move that has left the 27-year-old’s former club considering legal action for flaunting a transfer ban Madrid is currently serving.

Initially, reports suggest that Sevilla was hoping to see Nolito head back to Spain on just a loan deal from City, but it appears that the final deal will see the veteran wing head back to his home country permanently with a three-year contract set to pay out what is expected to be 20 million euros when all payments are made around the board.

The expectation, for City, is that the move will clear up a spot for a return of former team forward Stevan Jovetić to head back. Although the start of Nolito’s tenure with the club was impressive, it appears that a relationship between himself and manager Pep Guardiola fell out of favor at some point during the season and was unable to be repaired as the year went on.

As a result, it’s a fresh start for both sides.

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