Seahawks take step back, need offensive answers to remain contender

The NFL is one of the most fluid leagues out there, and for any team from one week to the next they can either take a drastic step forward or a drastic step back. For the Seattle Seahawks, it seems like things sort of just come in spurts, and currently, things aren’t exactly going wonderfully. After starting the first two weeks of the season with some mediocre results, beating the Miami Dolphins narrowly at home 12-10, they lost to the Los Angeles Rams in a brutal way, scoring just three points. Then, the Seahawks reeled off three-straight victories and all was well in the world.

Unfortunately, that of course changed as well, and the Seahawks have now taken yet another step back. The 6-6 tie against the division rival Arizona Cardinals was one thing, as the offense was bad, but the defense played pretty well. But in 25-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 8, the word “concerning” may not be strong enough to explain what happened to the Seahawks.

Currently, the Saints defense has allowed 397.4 yards per game (No. 28 in the NFL), as well as 30.7 points per game (No. 31 in the league). That was all irrelevant, though, as the Seahawks totaled 359 yards and as previously mentioned, scored just 20 points. Russell Wilson looked mediocre at best, throwing for 253 yards with a 74.8 quarterback rating, and also getting picked off once. Christine Michael was able to score a touchdown on the ground but rushed 10 times for just 40 yards.

The offense was disappointing, especially in a spot where there were so many great matchups. Not only should Wilson and Michael have completely shredded the Saints defense, but Jimmy Graham was walking into a huge revenge spot, yet he caught just three passes for 34 yards. Nothing was clicking, and this is now the second week in a row that offense has been a major issue for the Seahawks.

So, the question becomes, are we all just waiting for this team to flip the script once again and wind up returning to their dominant form, or are we seeing the “real” Seahawks right now? Regardless of how you look at it, a team that’s this hit-or-miss isn’t one who can be considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender. At least not until they can prove that they’re consistent enough to show up on both sides of the ball and put together well-rounded performances on both sides of the ball.

Injuries are likely a big part, but the offensive line play has been brutal. With Wilson already dealing with multiple injuries (ankle and pectoral) having your previously-mobile quarterback unable to do much with his legs isn’t a good thing. There’s no reason to hit the panic button just yet on the Seahawks, but unless they either get improvement or add a player at the trade deadline to their offensive line, then this team won’t be able to make that big postseason push.

The expectation is that the Seahawks are going to make some type of a move at the deadline to bolster that line, but the most important thing may be getting Wilson healthy. When an exceptional runner like Wilson can’t utilize that skill, it makes everything else just a bit tougher. Apparently, the Week 5 bye wasn’t enough to get the star quarterback healthy, so the next few games for Wilson will be worth monitoring in terms of his status.

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