NFL Open to Games in Germany, Mexico, Brazil

01 FEB 2015: National Football league Logo on the field at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona.The game is between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

The NFL has dabbled in international waters when it comes to playing games outside of the United States in the past. The league currently plays a regular season game each year in London, England and has played preseason games in Mexico.

With three London games on tap for 2015, the NFL is looking to continue its international expansion.

”From a London perspective, we continue to be very pleased with the demand of the three games for this year,” Mark Waller, the NFL’s executive vice president for international, told FOX Sports. ”We already are in great shape and sold out. All of that continues to go very well from a demand standpoint, commercial standpoint. From a UK perspective, we are very committed to the games and that agenda.

”As for where we go next? We started the work that really looks at Germany, Mexico, potentially Brazil. Those are probably the three markets where we are most likely to play an international series game next, outside of the UK.

”That doesn’t mean we are not looking at what more could we do to grow other aspects of what we do regardless of whether we play games in a market. For an example, in Germany, can we get better free-to-air media coverage for our season? What are some alternative ways to get more content to our avid fans?”

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