Werdum says he was axed from UFC TV role following Reebok rant

Fabricio Werdum’s role as a fighter has not been affected following his public rant that criticized the UFC’s relationship with Reebok. He can’t say the same about his role as an an analyst and commentator on the UFC’s Spanish broadcast, though.

“I just want to make everything clear about my post of Nike and Reebok. I did this to protest about the sponsorship,” Werdum wrote on Instagram. “Before Rebook got into UFC, all the fighters use to do a lot of money with other sponsors, including me, and now they paying me only $5,000 per fight. I didn’t get penalized because I have to contract with them, but they cut me out of the TV broadcast #UFCnetwork.”

The former UFC heavyweight champion recently took to social media to criticize Reebok and the role it plays in the UFC, claiming he’s always been a bigger fan of Nike than he was of the UFC’s current outfitter. Werdum says it’s time for fighters in his position to stand up for what they believe in.

“The people thinking I will get in trouble, nothing will happen,” he said in a Facebook post this week. “I even tell the fighters, if some company won’t sponsor you, you have to cover up their names, gloves, shin guards, don’t make free promotion. That’s our job, our image, our fights. Just because someone sends you some gloves you don’t need to keep making several posts with them. That’s not how it works, you have to value your image.”

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