Urijah Faber excited and thankful to ‘go to the next chapter’

The legendary MMA career of “The California Kid” Urijah Faber has its final chapter set, but Faber goes out all smiles and no regrets.

As a pioneer of the sport who helped popularize the lighter weight classes, Faber has been everywhere and fought everyone. He notes how he was already 32 before he was able to step foot in the Octagon.

“At 32 (years old), they introduced my weight class for the first time in the UFC,” Faber said on The MMA Hour (transcription via MMA Fighting). “It was the same owners (as the WEC). It was Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) and Burt (Watson) and everybody involved.

“At that time it was (Jose) Aldo and (Anthony) Pettis and on and on, and Demetrious (Johnson) and all these guys, Benson Henderson, these guys were all part of that (WEC) group. Cowboy (Cerrone) and the list goes on. I’m not fooled about it. I’ve had 14 years in this sport and my entire career has been at the top. I’ve had title shots. I’ve held the title for years and years. I don’t worry about what somebody calls something. I know what it was. And I think, for me, I just am a very thankful guy. I really am.”

He is scheduled to fight Brad Pickett at UFC on FOX 22. He says he is completely focused, but once done he will have plenty to do, including continuing to develop his fight team, Team Alpha Male.

“But I have a lot of interests, a lot of passions that kind of distract me from time to time, and I’ve been lucky enough to be dedicated to a sport to where I’ve reached a point where I can do 10 rounds with anyone in the world and it’s not a difficult thing. I’ve fought everybody in this sport, so I’m excited for the next generation. I’m excited to grow this team. I’m excited to get into entertainment and to build my business and everything else, and I feel like it’s just the right time and I’m super thankful my relationships with the WEC and the UFC, Dana and Lorenzo. They’ve always been so good to me. I’m just thankful and I want to go out feeling good and having an amazing fight, and go to the next chapter.”

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