Teams intrigued by idea of trade for Browns’ OT Joe Thomas

Tackle Joe Thomas’ name came up last year when the trade deadline was getting close, and it’s coming up again now. Reports indicate that two teams may be interested in working out some sort of deal to get the standout tackle out of Cleveland.

Who the teams are has not been reported. Other accounts have said that they could include the Patriots, the Giants, the Cardinals, the Seahawks, and the Vikings. Nothing is official at this point, though. On top of that, the Patriots may have very little interest in a realistic trade, just wanting to snatch him up for almost nothing if the Browns are just cleaning house.

That would make some sense for the Browns. Clearly, this is a team that is going nowhere this season. They’re just hoping to get a good draft pick and start building for the future. They showed a lot of interest in piling up picks last season, and moving Thomas – even if it’s below his market value – would get them more picks. He’s getting older, and, as good as he’s been, they’re not going to get anything for him if he just plays for a short time and then retires.

However, the price may be too high. Last year, they asked for too much from the Denver Broncos, and a potential deal fell through. This year, the reports claim they want a second-round pick. On top of that, Hue Jackson – though he doesn’t actually have any control over it – has said they’re not going to trade him.

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