According to Marc J. Spears of ESPN, the Oklahoma City Thunder are currently shopping around Serge Ibaka. The initial report leaked on the day of the 2016 NBA Draft, and it is currently unknown of Oklahoma City is looking to specifically get a draft pick.

If that is indeed the case, the franchise will actually have to trade the power forward for the rights of another player already drafted, as the deadline to trade actual picks (without players attached to it) was at 2 o’cock eastern.

Ibaka has a rough go of it as of late. Widely originally considered the third-wheel right behind Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the big man lost some of his minutes to Steven Adams and Enes Kanter during the NBA Playoffs. With both of those bigs playing well during large portions of the postseason, it could be as to why the Thunder are looking to move him.

If the report is true, Oklahoma City would likely be looking for a variety of assets in return of Ibaka. While it would clear up some cap-space as well, trading away someone as talented as the Thunder center/forward without anything tangible in return would be considered ludicrous.

With the NBA Draft only a few hours away, and pieces contentiously moving all over the place, this is obviously a very fluid story. One that is likely developing every few seconds and will have more twist and turns than The Sixth Sense.

Let’s just hope that whatever ends up happening, it doesn’t turn out to be a false rumor.

Reporter: Thunder shopping Serge Ibaka
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