Redskins’ TE Jordan Reed, CB Josh Norman both practicing

The Washington Redskins are preparing for their game in London, and they got both TE Jordan Reed and CB Josh Norman back in practice today.

Those two are obviously huge contributors on their respective sides of the ball, and they could absolutely help give the Redskins better odds against the Bengals. Reed has been trying to get through a concussion that he got – and then covered up – a few weeks ago.

Norman also had a concussion, and he got his just last week. It is uncommon, but possible, for players to clear the concussion protocol without missing a game. Norman may be able to do just that if he’s cleared to play.

When asked about his mindset, Norman said:

“If I get to get out there, I’m gonna put everything I got into it. That’s what good players do. Great players want to come out and see the great players rise up to the challenge.”

Before the team left for London, head coach Jay Gruden said:

“They’re good to go as far as going on the trip. But we still have to monitor them and their behavior. We’ll have them practice tomorrow in London, and then we’ll have to gauge and see if they’re able enough to go.”

Today is big as far as determining if they’ll be ready or not.

On the other side of the ball, the Bengals had everyone in practice. That includes LB Vontaze Burfict, who had a day off yesterday. It looks like he wasn’t injured, but just taking a rest day.

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