Panthers’ OT Michael Oher still out with concussion

In Week Three, Panthers’ tackle Michael Oher went down with a concussion. He’s still out. He wasn’t at practice today and has done nothing since he was injured.

This is big for the Panthers, who are struggling mightily this season. They’ve been forced to move Mike Remmers from the right tackle spot to the left side, and they’re using Daryl Williams in replace of Remmers. While the team has struggled in just about every area this year, the offensive line is connected to everything Cam Newton and the offense try to do. It’s just not the same unit without Oher in the mix.

Of course, a concussion that won’t go away for a month is bigger than just football. Oher needs to be very careful with it, as each subsequent one can be easier to get and can last longer.

QB Cam Newton doesn’t seem too worried that Oher will never make it back on the field. He also just had a concussion, though he shook his and will be returning this week. Of his left tackle, he said:

“I’m hoping everything works out in our favor, but more importantly in his favor. Just to see him come around (with) smiles, it means a lot for us. But nobody’s going to rush him back. We expect a speedy recovery for him and when he does come back, we’re going to get the ball rolling even more.”

He can’t really be rushed back, even if they wanted to, since he has to pass the concussion tests to be allowed to play. There also won’t be a speedy recovery, or he’d already be back.

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