Packers’ LB Clay Matthews, WR Randall Cobb making progress

The Packers are starting to get healthy, though exactly how close they are is unclear. Both WR Randall Cobb and LB Clay Matthews are on the mend, and Ryan Wood noted that:

“Packers coach Mike McCarthy says Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb made progress through week, but provided no details.”

Yesterday, Cobb was limited. The Packers have been playing the short passing game a lot lately, meaning Cobb has seen a lot of targets in the slot. In the last three games, his targets have reached into the double digits. In the last two, he’s scored touchdowns. Clearly, he’s a big part of what they can do right now, so it will be crucial to see when he’s fully healthy again.

The short pass is almost all the Packers have had lately. Their running backs are all banged up, with Eddie Lacy out, and they haven’t really established a deep passing game. QB Aaron Rodgers has failed to look like the elite QB he was in years past.

When asked about his hamstring injury this week. Matthews said:

“Same kind of deal (as his Week 2 injury) but I feel like I’m further along. I think we’re just being smart and cautious especially with this 10-game run we have. You hate for something to happen and be out several weeks. I think we’re trying to be smart in that regard.”

The team is coming off of a win over the Chicago Bears. Even though they don’t look as dominant as some predicted, they are still 4-2 and there’s no cause for panic.

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