Packers’ DB Micah Hyde says he prays before playing Julio Jones

There’s not much you can do to stop Falcons’ WR Julio Jones when he’s on. Packers’ DB Micah Hyde said that all he’s really been able to do, in an effort to slow Jones down, is pray.

After all, in 2014, Hyde and the Packers were winning 31-7 at the half. By the second quarter, Jones had only caught three passes and had put up only 45 yards. The Packers felt like the game plan was working. Then Jones blew up, finishing the game with 11 catches for a staggering 259 total yards. That’s an average of 23.5 yards on each catch.

Now, as he prepares to face him again, Hyde said:

“The week of (the game), every night before you go to bed, you’ve got to pray. Game day, you’ve got to wake up, you’ve got to pray. He’s just one of those guys that can get it done in all aspects of the game. Honestly, there’s nothing he can’t do. There’s guys that come along every now and then, you’ve got your Calvin Johnson-type guys, and he’s one of them. He’s the best in the game right now.”

Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan was asked about that meeting in 2014, and he doubled down on Hyde’s assertion that Jones was in unstoppable form, saying:

“He didn’t even play the last six or seven minutes of the game, too. So he’s that kind of player. He can dominate a game so many ways, and he’s done it so many times.”

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