Oscar De La Hoya: 2016 may be the worst year in boxing history

A lot of great fights have been discussed and not come to fruition, as well as big fights that were scheduled and fell through for this reason or that in 2016 so far, and even one of the sport’s biggest promoters has to say it how it is.

“I think 2016 should go down as one of the worst years in boxing history, maybe the worst,” De La Hoya said, via Yahoo Sports.

One major problem De La Hoya picked out aside from several big fights not taking place is that boxer’s image in the public sphere are not nearly what they used to be; thus, the public takes less notice than ever before.

“That is a concern,” De La Hoya said. “Our job as promoters is to get these guys the exposure they need.

“I’ll be honest, you don’t see fighters being promoted like we’d gotten used to seeing,” he said. “When [Top Rank’s] Bob Arum promotes someone, you know it. When I promote Canelo, you know it. There is talent out there, but promoters need to step up to the plate and promote their fighters. We need to go to the highest mountain and shout about all these guys and what they bring to [the table].”

The super-fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is one such bout meant for 2016 that has been pushed back. Once that bout does approach though, De La Hoya thinks it has the power to shift the tide and put a major spotlight back on the sport.

“I think there is a lot of talent out there, but the fights the fans want to see are not being made,” he said. “I strongly feel that when we do make Canelo-Golovkin in 2017, it’s going to give boxing the boost that we’ve been waiting for. That will get people talking boxing and writing about boxing and it will be ‘Boxing, boxing, boxing,’ everywhere.”

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