Michael Bisping wants to defend title against Nick Diaz at UFC 206

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is eager to get one more fight in 2016, and he is out to make it as high profile as possible.

Bisping’s original plan was to defend the title against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 206, where he would be GSP’s first opponent back after a three-year hiatus. GSP was ready to accept the bout, but due to contract disputes with the UFC, it has since been deemed that it will not occur.

With one money fight out, Bisping has another plan though.

“If it’s not going to be GSP, I don’t mind being on the card against somebody else and Nick Diaz would be somebody else that moves the needle,” Bisping said on The Countdown (transcription via FOX Sports). “Now, I know I’m going to open myself up to criticism by saying that but there’s been talk of us having a fight before.

“His last fight was against Anderson Silva, so he’s fought at 185 and if Nick Diaz wants to do it, I’ll fight Nick Diaz.”

Diaz last fought in January 2015. Afterwards he was popped by USADA for marijuana metabolites in his system. Following a whole rigmarole of appeals, Diaz got his suspension reduced and recently saw its end in August. However, Diaz stills reportedly owes $75,000 of his $100,000 fine and is technically still suspended until that clears up.

Bisping’s main focus is Diaz, but he would take any fight that brings him good money.

“If anybody wants to do it, I’ll do it. As long as it’s not some new pup that just signed with the UFC, I’m down to fight. I’ll fight anyone,” Bisping said. “I’ll say it again and I’m not trying to sound like a tough ass but I’ll fight anybody as long as it makes sense business wise. I’m not going to risk my reputation and my title against some chump, but if there’s a lot of money on the line, then I’ll do it. If Nick Diaz wants to go at UFC 206, formally, officially, I invite you to sign the bout agreement, let’s do it.

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