Matt Brown clarifies suicidal comments

Despite making recent comments about how he “wanted to kill [himself] following a devastating loss to Jake Ellenberger, Matt Brown says he is not — nor has he ever been — suicidal.

Brown spoke with Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, expressing what disappointment he had in dropping a loss to “The Juggernaut.”

“I delt with it really tough,” Brown said on The MMA Hour. “It was a tough one. You know, I probably felt like Ronda Rousey; I wanted to kill myself, which is after every loss, you know, we’re all the same. But you know what, I have three kids and I had to come home and be a role model to them. I had to get up the next morning and make breakfast, and show them that no matter how many times you get taken down, you get your ass up and do it again.”

But after realizing what he said may have come off the wrong way, Brown took to social media to clarify his statement.

“First off, I should have never even mentioned suicide as it is a very serious issue for people and I’ll never truly relate to those folks. Second off, if you read the whole thing I cleared it up… that I was simply using it as an expression. All fighters feel that low after a loss, especially after a devastating loss like I had with Ellenberger,” he wrote on Instagram. “I am a believer that losses are simply transitory disappointment and how you deal with the struggle is what defines you as a man. I allowed these feelings to run their course, accepted my disappointment, I let them go, and I got back to the gym where I belong. To sum it all up: I am not suicidal in any way, I won’t speak of it again because it is something I don’t understand, and I will continue to push forward with all I have. I apologize to anyone out there that has been through such hard times and I do not mean to undermine your issues.”

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