Lyman Good on failed USADA test: ‘I’d never cheat myself’

Lyman Good became the latest UFC fighter to get flagged by the United States Anti-Doping Agency on Monday, but he is claiming complete innocence.

The UFC announced Monday that Good had been marked for a potential anti-doping violation stemming from an out-of-competition test on Oct. 14. He was scheduled to fight Belal Muhammad at UFC’s big Madison Square Garden event, UFC 205, but was pulled from the fight immediately. The UFC has since replaced Good’s spot with Vicente Luque.

Good sent a personal message to his coaches, Danny Schulmann and Ron Schulmann, and manager, David M. Fish, about the incident. Fish has since made the message available to MMA Fighting.

“I’d NEVER cheat the journey of hard work and more importantly I’d NEVER cheat myself,” Good wrote. “The integrity of my name is something that I’ve worked too hard just to have it questioned because of whatever the [expletive] they’re saying is in my system.

“I’m too much in love with the pain of training hard since it’s the only thing that separates a real winner from a loser,” Good wrote. “I would never take shortcuts to get around it especially when you learn the most from a journey of sacrifice and hard work.”

USADA has not released information on what banned substance was found in Good’s system, and it will not unless Good and his team decide to do so. Good’s manager Fish has decided to keep that information under wraps for the time being, and has already requested that USADA test Good’s B sample.

Good could face up to a two-year suspension if determined guilty.

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