Kenny Stills endorses Colin Kaepernick as fit for NFL team

Al Diaz/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

Kenny Stills is a wide receiver. Colin Kaepernick is a quarterback.

The former plays in the AFC, the latter’s most recent stint came in the NFC.

We can draw a host of differences between the two, including that Stills never saw repercussions from kneeling for the National Anthem last season.

Kaepernick did.

The ex-49ers quarterback is still without a team as the NFL continues to “blackball” him, though he’s received support from some players, Stills included.

“I wanted to tell him that I admire everything that he’s been doing,” Stills said, per Miami Herald. “I gave him my number to reach out to say, ‘Hey, if there’s anything I can do to be a part, I’m here.’ ”

There has been more buzz around Kaepernick lately, though, especially with the Seattle Seahawks. A batch of players endorsed his fit as an NFLer and believed he’d be a good fit in the locker room.

Things got a little tighter when another quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, came off the free-agent board as he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday.

The former 49ers quarterback was passed up yet again.

“I’m not surprised. I felt like, that’s just sometimes the way things go,” Stills said. “Obviously, I’m a supporter of his. He’s a great player, regardless of the things he’s done off the field. I think he should be on a team.”

The 49ers opted for Blaine Gabbert to start the 2016 season. Kaepernick didn’t get his start until midway through the season against the Buffalo Bills. He finished the year with a 4:1 touchdown-interception ratio.

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