Jets’ Todd Bowles says situation with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is fine

The New York Jets benched Ryan Fitzpatrick, a QB they already weren’t on the best of terms with due to his offseason holdout, and put in Geno Smith. Then Smith tore his ACL in his first half of action, and they had to awkwardly put Fitzpatrick back in. He won the game. After the win, he gave a postgame speech complaining about how no one believed in him except for himself.

Needless to say, that sounds like a hectic week, even by NFL standards. However, head coach Todd Bowles said:

“It is actually not tumultuous at all. Ryan said what he said. We had a conversation, we are all on the same page and we have moved on.”

Bowles even tried to spin the whole thing in a positive direction, indicating that it may be good for Fitzpatrick’s level of play. He’d been pretty bad in their four straight losses before they beat the Ravens, but looked better and got a much-needed win. Bowles said:

“I do believe [Fitzpatrick can play better]. Everybody needs motivation every now and then, and whatever a player needs to be motivated to help him play, I think he should use that. Ryan came in and gave us a boost, and he finished the game for us and got us a win. We had lost four in a row before that. Going forward, it will be his team.”

He can spin it however he wants, but there’s no way this hasn’t caused some strain in the locker room. That said, all that really matters is how much you win, and they did win on Sunday.

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