Jets officially move QB Geno Smith to IR

New York Jets’ QB Geno Smith got a second opinion on his suspected ACL tear, but it just confirmed what he already knew. It’s definitely torn, and the Jets have now moved him to IR. His season is over.

Smith didn’t even make it through one game. He was the starter two years ago, lost his job when his jaw was broken in a locker room fight, and never got it back because Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing so well. Fitzpatrick was terrible this year, so the Jets benched him for Smith. He played briefly against the Ravens, blew out his knee, and went to the locker room as Fitzpatrick took back over and actually led the Jets to a win.

It’s a tough break for him. He was already struggling to get a starting job, and it was becoming clear why he fell out of the first round of the NFL Draft – something that seemed to shock him at the time. This is the second year that he’ll lose essentially because of an injury.

His time with the Jets may be over. They have drafted Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg behind him. While they don’t appear ready to start either one of them, they may be willing to finish out a potentially ugly season with Fitzpatrick and then move on to one of the younger guys next year.

That could make it hard for Smith to find another job since he didn’t even have long enough to put together some nice tap. In two years, he’s barely played any ball and is now coming off of one of the worst injuries you can get.

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