Jets name Bryce Petty as the No.2 QB, not rookie Christian Hackenberg

The New York Jets have been rather coy this week when it comes to announcing their No.2 quarterback from Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. The gamesmanship finally ended on Sunday though, as the team announced that Bryce Petty would serve as the primary backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick this week.

The news that Petty will replace injured Geno Smith as the main backup in New York is certainly not a surprise. It’s been speculated that Petty would be the backup all week, so the quarterback has been questioned about his preparation for some time now.

“I’ve prepared like the starter since I’ve been in here, Day 1,” Petty told NJ Advance Media on Thursday. “If that does happen, then I’m prepared and I’m ready. It’s not a total, ‘Oh, gosh, what’s going on?'”

Although Petty is preparing like the starter, he knows that if the team is winning, it will be Fitzpatrick’s team.

“It’s a team game,” Petty said. “I’m going to be a team guy. What I feel and what I want right now is irrelevant. What we’re in is reality. Which is: It’s Ryan’s deal.”

Ultimately though if the Jets aren’t winning, they will turn to one of their young quarterbacks and Petty appears to have the upper hand at the moment. He’s been battling with rookie quarterback Christian Hackenberg all year and one of them will be given an opportunity if the Jets continue to struggle.

At the moment, it appears like Petty will get the first chance.

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