Jets likely without center Nick Mangold

He’s not officially been ruled out yet, but the New York Jets may be without the services of center Nick Mangold this Sunday. According to Jets’ head coach Todd Bowles, “it doesn’t look good.”

The lineman was injured last week, hurting his ankle against the Ravens. The Jets were able to get a win, despite the fact that QB Geno Smith also tore his ACL, but they came out of it looking fairly banged up.

Ankle injuries can be tricky. The team hoped he’d be good to go, and he still could be if things improve over the next few days. However, after today’s practice, reports noted that:

“At Thursday’s practice, Mangold and Lee had walking boots on their right feet. Mangold was limping Wednesday when he showed up in the locker room.”

Over the course of his career, he’s been pretty durable. He’s been playing since 2006, and he’s had a chance to take the field 167 times. In all but four of those games, he’s been out there. In 2011, he missed a pair of games, then missed another in 2014, then one more last year. He now looks like he’s on the verge of missing his fifth if he can’t get ready soon.

Some of this could be age. Injuries are harder to shake as players get older. He didn’t miss that first game until he’d been around for five years. Now he’s possibly going to miss one three years in a row. He’s still a very good player when he’s healthy, and he and Fitzpatrick are used to working together, but this could become a more common issue from here on out.

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