Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic violence case will be non-issue

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Sunday that he spoke with an NFL official in charge of investigating alleged violations of the league’s personal code of conduct. He did not say whether the two spoke about the situation regarding Cowboys’ star rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and his domestic violence case with the NFL though.

“You know, we had a good discussion – but that is about where I’ll leave it, at that,” Jones said of his conversation with Lisa Friel, the head of the NFL’s personal conduct investigations.

In case you don’t know the back-story, a woman in Ohio accused Elliott of domestic violence this past summer. The City Attorney’s office in Columbus already investigated the claims and no charges were filed due to “conflicting and inconsistent information”.

Despite having the claims dismissed by the city of Columbus though, the league can still enforce punishment without legal charges and an investigation by the NFL is now underway.

Although Jones would not say whether he discussed any details about Elliott’s situation with Friel, he did add his own take on the situation. And according to the owner, it should be a non-issue.

“People that have a lot more information than I have, have given him a total clean bill of health,” Jones said. “I do know that all the real information that anybody has is that he doesn’t have an issue.”

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