Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey and Malik Jackson fined by NFL

Two of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ biggest offseason additions have been fined by the NFL for their altercations with Oakland Raiders.

Fifth-overall selection Jalen Ramsey was fined $9,115 for fighting with Raiders receiver Johnny Holton in the final minutes of the Jags’ 33-16 loss.

“As a professional in the NFL, that’s not what it’s supposed to look like by any means,” Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny said. “So that’s what makes you mad. We’re in the NFL. We need to have high standards for how we conduct ourselves at all times. I’ve never seen anything like that before. And that’s unacceptable on a lot of different levels.”

It was an otherwise solid outing for Ramsey who, despite the game’s score, helped limit top-five receiver Amari Cooper to just four yards on one target in 26 pass plays.

Big free agent addition, defensive tackle Malik Jefferson was dealt an even greater fine than Ramsey. He was ejected for a second unsportsmanlike penalty and was dealt a $24,309 fine for the matter that some pundits viewed as intentional actions from Jackson.

While the situation could be like Bo Jackson trying to intentionally get tossed from a baseball game so he could go to his daughter’s birth, the speculation with the Jaguars’ Jackson is that he’s not happy signing the contract he did this offseason.

Coming off a breakout season with the Broncos and a Super Bowl ring, Jackson has just one sack through seven games and the Jaguars have won just two games. He wouldn’t be the first Bronco to go through those growing pains, as tight end Julius Thomas’ production has declined as well. But as shown by Posluszny’s comments, that type of representation of the Jaguars doesn’t fly well in Jacksonville.

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