Jaguars’ HC Gus Bradley says no staff changes coming

The Jaguars are 2-5, coming off of a loss to the Titans, and HC Gus Bradley was asked if he was going to fire any of his staff to try to get things back on track. This is what he said:


Jaguars’ owner Shad Khan was also asked if he was going to fire Bradley, and he said he wasn’t. You know it’s bad when these questions start coming up, but it appears that the coach’s job is safe for now. He wanted to make sure that his staff knew their jobs were also safe.

Of course, if he is eventually fired, the new coach would bring his own staff. But, as long as he’s in place, he’s not interested in changing things up.

The players know how this works and what’s going on, and they strongly support their coach. Wideout Allen Hurns said:

“Gus will always take the blame as the coach. We’ve got to win. I’m worried [about him]. Everybody feels strongly about Gus. You try not to listen to it or let it get to you, but it is kind of impossible now. Hopefully, they’ll stick it out with him but we’ve got to find something to get this going.”

QB Blake Bortles, the former No. 3 pick in the draft, also chimed in and said:

“That’s football and we get it. I know I’m 100 percent behind Gus. I believe in him 100 percent and what we’re trying to do here. Gus isn’t the one committing dumb penalties, Gus isn’t the one turning the ball over, Gus isn’t the one not making plays. That’s on us as players.”

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