Jaguars’ Gus Bradley on OC firing: ‘offense needed to be stimulated’

After Jacksonville’s 36-22 beat down at the hands of the Tennessee Titans this past Thursday night, head coach Gus Bradley was adamant that no staff changes would be coming.

On Saturday though, Bradley changed his mind and it was discovered that the head coach had fired offensive coordinator Greg Olson and Nathaniel Hackett, formerly the quarterbacks coach, was promoted to the position. The move was quite a shock to many, considering Bradley’s statement just two days beforehand that he would not fire anyone.

On Monday though, for the first time since the move, Bradley talked about the firing and the motives that went into his decision.

“There are things you look at, where we were going offensively and I know you’ll say, ‘Both sides can struggle at times.’ There’s a bigger picture [of], ‘From here, where are we going?’ I just felt the offense needed to be stimulated more in certain areas,” Bradley said when asked why he made the move. “[Olson] is a great friend and a great coach and he’s proven that here and was a tremendous asset. I just think, with our team and where we’re at and the direction we want to go, we just wanted to have a little bit different vision.”

As you can imagine, the coach was quickly asked why he changed his mind in just a few days time.

“I had to go through a full evaluation, or as much as I could, during that period of time,” he said. “I started looking at things, gathering information, putting some things together and then it went more in that direction [of making a change]. That’s the best I can say. I didn’t know which direction it would take me. I didn’t know what was going to take place [Friday afternoon]. I didn’t want to lead to speculation nor at that time, did I know there would be a change.”

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