Fabricio Werdum speaks out against Reebok

Like many fighters on the UFC roster, Fabricio Werdum is not pleased with the idea that he’s forced to wear Reebok inside the cage and forego what extra funds he’d receive from personal sponsors.

So much so, actually, that Werdum took to social media to express his distaste for the sporting apparel company.

“I am not generic, I am Nike since I was a baby,” Werdum wrote in a post that superimposed the Nike logo over the Reebok logo on his UFC fight kit. It’s also worth noting he wrote “suck my b—s Reebok” in hashtags on said post.

With fans fearful that Werdum would face the wrath of the UFC or its official outfitter, the former UFC heavyweight champion says he has nothing to worry about.

“I was protesting,” Werdum said on Facebook (h/t MMA Fighting). “Actually, I’m not forced to use Reebok. I don’t have a contract with them. For people that don’t know, Reebok sponsors, well, sponsors, only during the fight and in the fight week you have to wear it [Reebok gear], it’s in the contract. In reality, I don’t have a deal with them to post outside the UFC. I can post whatever I want, if I want to post Kings MMA, I’ll post. If I want to post Nike or any other company or the sponsors I have, anything, so I’m not obligated. For people saying I’d get in trouble, there will be no trouble. It was just a protest, something that before we could show any sponsor we wanted. We used to get real good money, it was a lot different from Reebok. Today, with Reebok there is a pay scale, if you have a certain number of fights you get $5,000, $8,000. Of course it’s good money, but nothing like it was before, so of course it was a protest.”

Werdum faces Cain Velasquez in a rematch at UFC 207 this December.

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